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Great Wall all-new Limousine: Hover Π

By luanpa in | January 8, 2010 | (5) Comments

This Vehicle is Great Wall all-new Limousine, its name is Hover Π. Hover Π is a production of china brand Great Wall.

Hover Π is a new definition of luxury with fashionable outline, Fashionable front grill, personalized spoiler, 6.72 meters of body. It is based on the Hover SUV, which may or may not be a reverse-engineered Mitsubishi,

Hover•Π is  is powered by a Mitsu-sourced 2.4-liter four, and is fitted with leather seating and accoutrements. luxurious guests vehicle fuses fashion, individuality and luxury style together. inside, It equip with L-type luxurious sofa; 6’touching screen DVD,MP3,MP4 with 15’LCD TV; Luxury european style high level bar; Vehicle electronic refrigerator.

Great Wall all-new Limousine Hover Π
Great Wall all-new Limousine Hover Π interior



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5 responses to "Great Wall all-new Limousine: Hover Π"

  1. limousine says:

    Great Wall Hover Π is china product.it’s look amazing guy’s .black shining like glamorous looking.there are so many color are available but my favorite color is black shine.L-type luxurious sofa mp3,mp4 with LCD TV Luxury European style.it’s a all facility provide Hover Π .

  2. coaches says:

    Nice one people should read this.

  3. George says:

    Its wonderful post…. the limousine looks very nice… keep posting.

  4. jbitas says:

    how much does it cost in philippine pesos?