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Honda Accord Crosstour China Edition

By luanpa in | October 25, 2010 | (5) Comments

Honda Accord Crosstour will be debut in 10 otc, 2010 in China by Guangzhou Honda, it was first showed at Beijing auto show, and positioning in the luxury coupe car.

2010 Honda Accord Crosstour is a five-door vehicle will come here as the Acura TSX wagon next fall. It is a new type of vehicle, similar proportions to the new Acura ZDX four-passenger crossover.

Honda Crosstour features a higher maximum ground clearance. 150mm minimum distance from the ground has reached a significant level of urban SUV, but 1560mm high to low SUV than many, maintaining the car’s center of gravity control for quality control provides a good condition.

Honda Accord Crosstour is equipped with a 3.5L V6 engine, based on hte Honda VCM Variable Cylinder Management technology, The maximum power of 206kw, the maximum torque of 339Nm. VCM system can in 3-cylinder, 4-cylinder and all 6-cylinder automatic switching between modes. Matched with 5-speed manual transmission cars with Sport mode S file, but the manual shift gear change paddles must be achieved through.

Honda Crosstours get a simple set up that sends power backwards when it feels like, rather than a four-way distribution system. I got to test the car in the wet and the traction is certainly better the FWD variants.

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