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Honda Pegasus Concept

By luanpa in | July 13, 2010 | (2) Comments

The Honda Pegasus Concept was designed by Andrus Ciprian, a Romanian designer who’s created a number of interesting concept vehicles over the past few years, it is inspired by the classic concept cars of 1950s: the GM Firebird concepts and Pontiac Firebird II which is evident in its styling.

The Honda Pegasus is a single-seat racing car which features styling inspired by some of the classic concept cars from the 1950s, namely the GM Firebird concepts – like the Pontiac Firebird II – from the late 50s. This influence can be seen in the array of wings, spoilers and air management systems which are located all around the vehicle.

To our surprise, Honda Pegasus is powered by a small gas-turbine jet engine, located at the rear, which is to give enormous thrust but the spoilers and wings of the vehicle will thwart Pegasus to take off.

The concept seems too high an imagination to enter into the production out it really presents the unique blend of classic concept cars and modern racing.

honda pegasus concepthonda pegasus concept fronthonda pegasus concept front tophonda pegasus concept sidehonda pegasus concept side rear
honda pegasus concept rear



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