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How to Avoid an Attack when you drive a woman car

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Are you a women car drive? mostly the womman car are safe and drive easy. but sometimes you need to learn something about how to avoid an attack. Follow me, you can get how to avoid an attack.

You always wear your seatbelt, obey all traffic laws and never exceed the speed limit. So don’t you deserve to feel safe in your car, importantly you’d better don’t wear a Heels.

Of course you do. But when you get in your vehicle, road safety isn’t your only concern. Your personal safety may also be at stake, especially if you’re a woman. Criminals tend to target women who are alone, whether the intent is carjacking or rape.

Heading out
Get from point A to point B safely by keeping these tips in mind:

  • Pay attention to your surroundings. Criminals rely on the element of surprise.
  • Have your keys in hand. Fumbling through your purse leaves you open to an attack.
  • Before opening your car door, look in the back seat to make sure no one is there.
  • Lock your doors and windows as soon as you get in.
  • If you have car problems, try not to pull over until you reach a busy area.
  • If you think you’re being followed, don’t drive home. Go to a crowded area and ask for help, or drive straight to the police station.
  • Park in a well-lit area with plenty of activity. Lock the car when you leave.

Staying safe in the car
No one wants to break down in the middle of nowhere. Here’s how to stay safe:

  • Keep your car running smoothly. Schedule regular maintenance, keep tires properly inflated and fill up your tank long before the fuel warning light comes on.
  • Always have a cell phone with you. If you can’t afford a standard plan, get an inexpensive pay-per-use phone for emergencies.
  • Have an emergency roadside assistance plan. You can buy one on your own or as an option on your auto insurance policy. Also, auto dealers often offer them when you buy a car.
  • Consider an in-vehicle emergency communications system. These offer live contact with a dispatcher who will send emergency help if you are in an accident or have mechanical problems.

Should you pull over?
You’re driving alone and you notice an unmarked car behind you with lights flashing – but you haven’t done anything illegal.

Experts say if something seems suspicious, trust your gut. Men with fake badges and plain cars have been known to assault women by impersonating police officers and pulling them over in isolated areas.

If you feel uncertain, keep on driving. Go to a well-lit, populated area before pulling over. Legitimate police officers will understand and cooperate.

Avoiding an attack
Keep these things in mind when you’re getting in your car:

  • If you find a van parked next to you, enter your car from the opposite side or have someone walk you to your car. Many predators park by a car when they see a woman leaving. That way, they can drag her into their van when she returns.
  • If you are approached by someone who wants your car, hand him the keys. Your car may be expensive, but your life is priceless. (Never have your address on your keychain. If your car is taken, the carjacker will have your house keys, too.)
  • Don’t get into the car. If someone tries to force you into your car or his own, do everything you can to resist. Once you are in the car, you become much more vulnerable.
  • Remember that fighting back offers you the best chance of survival in an attack. Kick, scream, poke him in the eyes – do whatever it takes to escape.

Last, don’t live in fear. Take a self-defense course and empower yourself to respond if you’re ever attacked.


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