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Lamborghini Concept EV

By luanpa in | September 1, 2010 | Comments Off on Lamborghini Concept EV

Lamborghini Concept EV was designed by Flavio Adriani, who attempts to overcome some of the EV shortcomings. The Lamborghini Concept EV is not just about passion for Lamborghini, it also is equipped with the latest technology regarding the drive train, pollution, energy saving and passenger safety.

The Lamborghini Concept EV  has an electric drive train, it has four electric motors, one on each wheel for precision handling. The slotted engine cover serves as a solar panel to help charge the batteries, though I imagine with current solar technology it will only be as good as a trickle-charge. Flavio also fitted the car with a panel to block the passengers and driver from low-frequency radiation common in cell phones, antennas and other wireless devices.

The energy this engine needs to operate is gathered with the solar panels placed over the engine compartment. These panels are V shaped, giving the car a more aggressive look, it’s like the whole car says: “Eat my dust!”. The designer also fitted a panel protecting passengers against low frequency radiation. This radiation comes from mobile phones, antennas and other wireless devices. These radiations have proven to be dangerous to human health bringing headaches, cancer and more.

For Flavio Adriani, the greatest challenge designing this electric Lamborghini was, how to bring the amazing sound of the engine that has been removed. The solution he found are wind turbines. The air enters the tubes through the front bumper and makes its way to the central turbine which gives it a jet engine sound. Imagine driving this staggering car in an ordinary city and every time you pass people by, they look up, trying to scout an airplane. That would be a beautiful feeling, driving a car with such an impressive history and passion within, that also sounds as an airplane.

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