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Lightweight Futuristic Concept

By luanpa in | July 12, 2010 | (1) Comment

This vehicle is Lightweight concept, it is a lightweight futuristic car with the ability of transforming the rear wheels into two segway bikes, which is higher than the number of bikes Batman’s car is able to be. If it is pride for Batman to be an owner of a car that is capable to split into becoming a motorbike, you can also have the same self-righteous through Lightweight concept.

The peculiarity car is the lightweight which has been achieved by a combination of several cross panels and comprising two parallel side panels. The concept car’s cutting-edge design is no less exciting at all than that of Batman; it will be more acceptable and alluring to the users with its realistic and unusual form. This concept car has been made with maximum energy efficiency so as to sustain on the future condition when there is a lack for fuel.

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