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Lotus Esprit Concept

By luanpa in | July 15, 2010 | (3) Comments

Lotus will unveil the new Lotus Esprit concept at the 2010 Paris Auto Show in September.

The Lotus Esprit was one of the fastest cars in the world built by Lotus from 1976 to 2004. it was launched in October 1975 at the Paris motor show, and it went into production in June 1976, replacing the Europa in the Lotus model line-up.

Rumor has it that, Lotus will again turn to Toyota for an engine. It is expected that Toyota would be offering Lotus a Lexus LF-A V10 engine. In Lotus spec, the engine could be tuned to produce more than 500 horsepower. It is thought that the Esprit will use a similar Aluminium bonded chassis technology to the Elise.
Lotus has confirmed Lotus Esprit concept will unveil, among other cars. Insiders say the new version will be the ultimate expression of the Lotus brand, they also say it could be powered by an exotic, 400kW-plus V10. Aiming high at the luxury market, Lotus also plans to unveil two new, front-engined GT cars at the same show.

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    what a nice car! a great photos you are posting, sincerely) the second one depicts an UFO rather than a car

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    that’s a great car, anyway

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