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Maserati Birdcage 75th concept

By luanpa in | January 13, 2010 | Comments Off on Maserati Birdcage 75th concept

Maserati Birdcage 75th concept first shown at the 2005 Geneva Auto Show. The concept features a 6,5 (6000cm) V12 engine making 700 horsepower. Maserati Birdcage 75th concept is similar with Maserati Mc 12 ,but is more a dream car.

the Birdcage 75 stands a great chance for being remembered as a sexy, sporting dream with an edgy communications future. The name helps, of course, as the concept carries the famous title of the Maserati “Birdcage” racing car built from 1959 to 1963 – so named because of its tubular chassis. Based on the chassis of the Maserati MC12, the goal of the Birdcage 75 is to stretch the boundaries of design and techniques. For example, the Birdcage 75 was built as a single object, instead of a sequence of parts, and was designed to convey a futuristic representation of sultry lines and power. To that end, the concept features Maserati’s 700-horsepower V12 engine tucked into a teardrop shell with a “floating” center that is purposely uncluttered and smooth, a streamlined design intended to facilitate air flow, and, as a result, speed. The wheels are 20 inches up front and 22 inches in back, and the chassis is made of carbon fiber.

The theme of the Birdcage 75 continues into the interior of the concept, with an uncluttered design meant to convey the racing heritage of Maserati and the communications force of Motorola. Indeed, with features such as a head’s up display, projection screens and advanced cell phone communications technology. The ideal represented in the Birdcage 75 is a communications system that includes all facets of man and machine; a totally integrated environment which naturally connects driver to passenger, road and information.

Maserati Birdcage 75 Concept

Maserati Birdcage 75 Concept



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