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Mazda Kabura Concept

By luanpa in | November 5, 2010 | (1) Comment

The Japanese car manufacturer Mazda cloaked in a mantle of Mazda Kabura Concept, this revolutionary sport coupe lays some very real groundwork for the look.

Mazda Kabura Concept is powered by the MX-5 Miata’s inline-4 and having a front-engine, rear-drive layout, the Kabura appears to fall into the coming-to-production-soon concept car category. Speculation is that a production Kabura will most likely be called RX-7, a legendary name that the Japanese manufacturer very much wants to bring back. According to Mitani, more like the first-generation RX-7 ― an affordable sports car with solid performance and everyday comfort.

Kabura’s exterior that will wow the crowds at this year’s Detroit Motor Show. “While examining the habits and tastes of our youthful customers, we found that the majority have a need to carry one or at most two passengers in comfort, while a very small percentage actually use the fourth seat on limited occasions,” von Holzhausen continued, noting the level of research and planning that goes into the creation of a major automaker’s concept vehicle.

A standard left-side door provides access to the driver’s cockpit and the rear jump seat. But the right side, as Mazda reveals, is a wholly different and purposely asymmetrical arrangement. Removing the glovebox and minimising the instrument panel allowed designers to shift the front passenger six-inches ahead of the driver’s seating position. In turn, the second passenger, sitting in tandem behind the right-front passenger, enjoys approximately the same leg, shoulder, and headroom.

Developed on the RX-Evolv and RX-01 showcars, Mazda designers invented the rear-hinged freestyle doors to improve the RX-8’s rear-seat access. Kabura proves that inspiration can strike twice in pursuit of spirited, stylish design that provides customers more than they ever dreamed possible.

To maintain a sleek roofline while offering rear access that’s vastly superior to what’s available in today’s compact coupes, von Holzhausen’s team designed Kabura with an extra right-side door. After the front door is opened, touching a button slides the bonus door straight back and out of the way.

Instead of swinging on hinges as in the innovative Mazda RX-8, this additional door glides neatly into a cavity notched into the rear-quarter panel area the way a pocket door disappears into a house wall. “Kabura may be the first compact coupe where no passenger has to call ‘shotgun!’ to avoid the second-class citizen treatment,” von Holzhausen pointed out.

Were the Kabura design study to achieve production status, Mazda insists that it would likely be a stand-alone product rather than an extension of any existing model line.

Mazda Kabura ConceptMazda Kabura Concept side Mazda Kabura Concept rear



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