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Mazda Shinari concept

By luanpa in | August 31, 2010 | Comments Off on Mazda Shinari concept

Mazda unveiled the Mazda Shinari concept coupe in Milan, it is a four-door concept car that indicates the future design direction. The concept will be on Mazda’s stand at the 2010 Paris auto show.

Mazda also announced that the company’s future design language will be described by the word Kodo, which is Japanese for soul of motion. Maeda created the theme for the new stylistic direction, the development of the Shinari Concept was actually a collaboration between three of Mazda’s design centers in Japan, Germany and the United States. The goal was to make the exterior a product of Japan, while the interior of the Mazda Shinari concept was left to the automaker’s Irvine studio.

The Mazda Shinari concept coupe shows the future face of Mazda’s family of vehicles–an aluminum signature wing, the line that runs through the headlights and under the grille–as well as the overall styling trend for future production models. Inside, the Shinari is a four-seater with a cockpit design that clearly separates, rather than homogenizes, the driver and front passenger.

Exterior, it’s easy to tell that the Shinari shares little in common with Mazda’s recent designs, although like almost every sedan built today, it has similarities to vehicles from other brands. It’s almost as if the Aston Martin Rapide and a Mazda RX-8 cued up some Barry White, enjoyed a romantic evening and the Shinari came out nine months later.

Mazda will use the word Kodo, Japanese for soul of motion, to describe its future design language. Mazda is taking a little of a vivacious step for them with this new design concept and they are increasing the move by announcing that they will also be working on improving the quality level of its interiors for future vehicles.

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