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Mercedes-Benz Arrow Concept

By luanpa in | July 13, 2010 | (2) Comments

The Mercedes-Benz Arrow is a recreational concept designed for the year 2050. The author is Brazilian designer Felipe Palermo.

The Mercedes-Benz Arrow Concept isconcept points towards a sustainable future, and it is aimed at provising its two passengers – seated one behind the other like in other leisure vehicles such motorcycles and jet skis – an exciting experience of driving fun and adrenaline. The absence of roof is aimed at increasing the feeling of freedom.

Deriving inspiration from old Silver Arrows, Slr Mclaren, and the 1954 Gull-wing, this concept will incorporate such amazing features that will make it fit well into 2050 category of vehicles. The most interesting thing about this car is the fact that it will have tires that will never wear out, diverting wheels from landfills.

The concept is designed as a recreational vehicle made for use for fun on the weekends, and the main idea behind the Mercedes-Benz Arrow is that the future will see only rail systems for daily commuting by majority of people. It will sport tires that will never wear out because you simply have to re-inject them with rubber .TANDEM is behind the layout of this vehicle that works with a system of opposing magnets, MAGLEV to help it in taking some amazing curves.

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2 responses to "Mercedes-Benz Arrow Concept"

  1. Jack says:

    I will say a good design but 2050 is too long……. I think flying car would be more popular till that time and you must add a jet engine to this one to make it popular by 2050…….like to see this one flying in skies…………

  2. TireFan says:

    weekends would be great with such a car=)