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New Ford Racing: Ford Mustang FR500 Cobra Jet

By luanpa in | January 4, 2010 | (3) Comments

Ford Racing is getting ready to please the folks that live only to see quick ETs with the 2010 Ford Mustang FR500 Cobra Jet . The 2010 car will wear the FR500CJ model designation just like the car before itFord plans on building only 50 examples, the price is just under $70,000.

This is a ground up designed factory based drag race car.  2010 Ford Mustang FR500 Cobra Jet is powered by a supercharged 5.4-liter V-8, although customers have a choice of five engines – two of them supercharged – in order for the car to be eligible for NHRA, IHRA, NMRA, NMCA, and PSCA classes. Expect horsepower ratings in the 430+ range. The car will include a stripped interior, optional roll cage, and a host of other features designed to make it one fast machine. As with the Dodge Drag Pak, the FR500 Cobra Jet is a NHRA/IHRA drag race only vehicle.

Cobra Jet cars are completely stripped of every feature not deemed track-worthy, and do without a complete interior, side mirrors, or other creature comforts. That said, they are equipped with a full roll cage, manual steering and brakes, adjustable suspension, and a trunk-mounted fuel cell. One new feature for 2010 is the launch control system, allowing drivers to set the launch RPM of the car once it’s been staged.

Ford Mustang FR500 Cobra Jet

Ford Mustang FR500 Cobra Jet



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3 responses to "New Ford Racing: Ford Mustang FR500 Cobra Jet"

  1. Ford Mustang says:

    With the new Shelby Gt500 coming out with 500 horsepower, I’m wondering if we may see more in the Cobra Jet. I like him, but hopefully they don’t let Shelby have the last word in power output.

  2. Luxury Jet says:

    Thank you for your help! Nice post with some well thought out points.

  3. navigation says:

    Does anybody know where to buy ford mustangs in switzerland or how I can import a ford mustang to switzerland?