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New Peugeot RC Hybrid Concept details and photos

By luanpa in | December 18, 2009 | Comments Off on New Peugeot RC Hybrid Concept details and photos

Peugeot announced Peugeot RC Hybrid Electric Concept in 2008, is a concept car born from the passion and expertise of Peugeot’s stylists and engineers. it is an accessible and versatile car.

Peugeot RC Hybrid Electric Concept  Designed by a team led by Peugeot head of design Jérôme Gallix, the four door, four seat sedan is claimed to be an accessible and versatile eco-efficient GT coupé. The new car, which has been built to showcase a synthesis of design, engineering and technological ideas in a single vehicle, aims to offer a high level of efficiency in terms of performance with minimal environmental impact.

According to the official details, the car’s powertrain other than to say that 313bhp is available to the driver, while CO2 emissions are an incredibly low 109g/km. We expect that the concept will feature a new high-powered V6 turbodiesel alongside an electric motor-generator. Like the Toyota company’s hybrids, the RC can run solely on electric power for short periods.









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