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Nissan Fiora Concept

By luanpa in | September 23, 2010 | (1) Comment

The Japanese automaker Nissan will present a number of vehicles at the TMS 2005, and this post is about the Nissan Fiora Concept, a 4-door sports coupe. It is just like the Mazda RX-8.

Nissan’s official internal data suggests that it could only sell about 30,000 240SX coupes in America per year, which isn’t enough to make a convincing production argument. But the Nissan Fiora Concept is also the first Nissan that doesn’t look Japanese but rather like an American sixties/seventies sports coupe, especially when looking at it from the side. Its beautiful and efficient looks hide the fact that the lines and curve are bit soulless and not edgy enough. Nissan cars in the States will share a great deal of design DNA.

The interior IS surprised, the right mixture of leather, brushed aluminium and a perfectly looking steering wheel dressed in leather. The designer of this FIORA concept car played around in a very intelligent way with colours and meterials. Dark leather for the steering wheel and the dashboard, combined with beige leather for the seats. The rest of the interior has two-toned grey colours and the other dominant colour is a shade of mouse grey that can be found in the brushed aluminium and some plastic bits.

Nissan did not unveil more specifications of this concept car, so we’re unable to tell you more.

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