What is hybrid cars?

Hybrid cars are part battery-electric and part conventional cars. The underlying principle of all hybrid vehicles is the use of a temporary energy storage device (usually a battery), which enables the main engine to be operated at close to its maximum efficiency.

What is Natural gas car?

Natural gas is a naturally occurring mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons consisting of at least 80% methane (CH4) with lesser amounts of propane, ethane and butane. In the UK, the main uses of natural gas are heating and electricity generation.

What is Electric cars

what is Electric cars? now many kind of Electric cars are drived on the road.A battery electric vehicle (EV) utilises an on-board rechargeable battery to store electrical energy. When required, energy is drawn from the battery and converted to motive power by the use of an electric motor.

What is Fuel cell car?

Similar to a battery-electric car, a fuel cell car dispenses with the internal combustion engine altogether. Fuel cells are electro-chemical devices that convert the energy stored in chemical form directly into electrical energy, water and heat.

A good website about women car buying

There are many car website, It is not easy to find out a website for women to buy a women car. So just let’s go to view WomenCarBuying.com.

WomenCarBuying.com is now the ultimate resource for anyone looking to buy or lease a new car. With the help of our top field experts, you’ll learn secrets that dealers often conceal with their double-talk and we’ll help you find the absolute lowest price on the new car of your choice.

How to Avoid an Attack when you drive a woman car

Are you a women car drive? mostly the womman car are safe and drive easy. but sometimes you need to learn something about how to avoid an attack. Follow me, you can get how to avoid an attack.

You always wear your seatbelt, obey all traffic laws and never exceed the speed limit. So don’t you deserve to feel safe in your car, importantly you’d better don’t wear a Heels.

Of course you do. But when you get in your vehicle, road safety isn’t your only concern. Your personal safety may also be at stake, especially if you’re a woman. Criminals tend to target women who are alone, whether the intent is carjacking or rape.

Top 10 best women car in 2009

There are many cars are designed for women in the world,they are agile,visibility and isn’t a chore to drive. Most women think that a high fun-to-drive factor is important,so they alway buy a car which dri easy. Now I select the 10 best women car in the world.

Lamborghini concept car spy photos

Lamborghini Concept S concept car was perhaps one of the most awaited sports supercars at the Geneva Motor Show a few years back. Everyone had their expectations high thanks to the Lamborghini tradition of producing sports cars and supercars and they were not disappointed.

The Inventory of 10 unusual taxi in the world

The Inventory of 10 unusual taxi in the world ,Taxi is a most Commonly used in our life, there are many kind of taxi all over the world, this article is about the top 10 unusual taxi in the world.

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