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Peugeot RCZ price and review

By luanpa in | May 14, 2010 | (1) Comment

Peugeot RCZ 2+2 coupe, which is launched in the UK for £20,450. The RCZ does look exotic from the outside, though. It’s a neat, taut coupé with minimal rear seats and a self-raising rear spoiler, and in black with black wheels and the black chrome roof-arch option it looks particularly purposeful.

The RCZ’s handling and comfort balance seems just about spot-on, although our test drive took place on smooth Spanish roads so we’ll reserve final judgement until we’ve driven the car in the UK. We experienced just a hint of kick over the odd battered surface that suggested the RC may just err on the side of firmness on UK streets. It certainly steers neatly, corners with tenacity, and its body doesn’t roll much even when the tyres start to protest. The diesel option feels a tad less sporty than the THP and more in keeping with a well sorted hatchback than a bespoke coupé. The steering is less informative and the extra weight of the engine means the RCZ is less keen to change direction.

Peugeot RCZ ispowered by a 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine, similar to the Mini John Cooper Works and will soon to appear in the Citroen DS3-R. The engine powers the RCZ to 62mph in 7.5secs and on to a top speed of 146mph. The RCZ isn’t exactly blistering off the mark, mainly because it’s a bit on the portly side, but the most impressive aspect of the engine is its mid-range urge and willingness to rev. It’s so flexible that steep hills don’t always demand a swap down into a lower gear; instead the engine simply digs deep and drags the RC up the road at a rate of knots.

The dashboard may be 308-like but the driving position is lower-set and more sporting. Straight away some optimism is rewarded, because this RCZ is smooth, quiet, supple over bumps, and accurate in the steering. The engine pulls with the gusto expected of a modern turbodiesel, yet it spins more freely than most and sounds as if it enjoys the process. This is a promising combination of engine and sports coupé, but something is missing. Could it be just a little sharper when turning into a tight bend? Could it give its driver just a little more chance to balance the flow of power and steering on an interesting road? Rehabilitation isn’t complete yet.

The priced is at £20,450 with Sport trim and £22,750 with GT trim (which our car came equipped with) it is incredibly good value. The obvious car to compare it to is the Audi TT (although the TT is vastly more expensive, starting at £27,365) and the obvious criterion to compare the two on is style where the Peugeot wins hands down.

Peugeot RCZ front
Peugeot RCZ rear



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  1. Muzingaye Ndlovu says:

    Peugeot needs to improve on its power and 0-100km times. There is a strong love for more power these days and unfortunately in Zimbabwe, peugeot fell out of favour with many due to the short comings of the 306 and 406. We hope for better future performances and support.