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Renault Frendzy concept

By luanpa in | July 11, 2011 | Comments Off on Renault Frendzy concept

Renault Frendzy concept is the fourth of seven design concepts from the French firm, which was debuted at the Frankfurt motor show. The designer attempts to showcase innovative technologies about the sporting and warmly welcoming for the family as a efficient and modern work tool.

According to Renault, Frendzy concept is a “multi-faceted friend” that automatically tackles friendly tasks, including changing the orientation of the exterior mirrors, setting the interior mood lighting and altering the vehicle’s pedestrian warning system as the Frendzy transforms from “work” to “family” mode.

Frendzy’s design offers an odd variety of access points, with the right-hand side showing only a front door and a workvan-like sliding door, including a 37-inch digital display. Frendzy concept offers doors that hinged at the outer edges on the left, along with proper passenger windows. At the rear is a split tailgate, with the bottom gate able to lay flat or slide downwards, which offering easier access in tight parking spaces.

Interior, The cabin is designed along the theme of a futuristic ‘work bench’ featuring a structure, it appears to be made from molten metal. Green light emanating from the dashboard brings this smooth and organic architecture to life. The single-piece rear seat is integrated into the floor. Sensors located on the door sills can log the loading or unloading of packages tagged with chips with information such as destination address.

Frendzy’s powertrain is the same as that of Kangoo Z.E., it is equiped with a 60-horsepower electric motor and lithium-ion batteries. Electric vehicles are silent, so one of the big challenges facing Renault is customizing the sound they produce for safety reasons, notably at slow speeds.

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