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Renault Ondelios Concept

By luanpa in | June 4, 2010 | (2) Comments

Renault Ondelios concept is a top-of-the-range environmentally friendly crossover vehicle. The Ondelios isn’t Renault’s first upmarket concept though, and we’ve seen posh production cars from the company.

Designed as a long-range cruiser, the exterior design is 4.8-metre-long, 1.6-metre high, Ondelios has drawn inspiration from the world of aviation design to deliver high drag efficiency and a Cd of 0.29. the Ondelios features a hybrid diesel powertrain, a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox and dramatic gullwing doors. You can see them in action in our Renault-supplied footage in the video player on this page.

Inside there are three rows of seats offering individual seating for six. Each seat has an interactive portable multimedia device which can be used for sharing data or multiplayer gaming. Speakers are also incorporated into the headrests plus multizone HVAC system for each passenger.
This concept is powered by a 202bhp 2.0-litre diesel engine, mated to two 20kW electric motors front and rear. The two electric motors provide extra boost when the car is accelerating, while the rear motor also drives the rear wheels, making the Ondelios four-wheel drive. Mated to a seven-speed double-clutch transmission, the Ondelios is claimed to reach 62mph in  7.8 seconds, but only puff out 120g/km. Well, that’s what the computer simulations claim.

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  1. Safety seems to be the number one priority in the design of Renault cars.

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