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Rolls-Royce Apparition concept

By luanpa in | January 28, 2011 | (3) Comments

Rolls-Royce Apparition concept was designed by Jeremy Westerlund, who designed it as an independent project while studying at the Art Center. where you will view it you will be surprise, So maybe think that it’s not as obvious and toy-like.

The idea blends classic design elements with futuristic ones, with mahogany wheel inserts and a shape that places the chauffeur out in the open like in vintage motor carriages, with the occupants coddled inside.

The design of Rolls-Royce Apparition concept is based around the old motor carriages that had a chauffeur sitting up front, exposed to the elements, with the passengers coddled inside. Like most contemporary Rolls models, the front is utterly dominated by the prominent grille and hood ornament.

It features unique touches like real mahogany inserts in the wheels, and the imposing overall shape is long and low: the designer took his cues from sailing yachts, and even though the model is built to 1:4 scale, it’s still nearly six feet long. If such an extreme example of fantasy ever became reality, it would measure 279 inches overall – that’s over 23 feet, or about four feet longer than the Phantom. See if you can wrap your head around it in our extensive high-resolution image gallery below.

Except a Rolls Royce is nothing to play around with so we are not sure what Jeremy Westerlund was thinking when he put together this boxy contraption.

Rolls-Royce Apparition conceptRolls-Royce Apparition concept rearRolls-Royce Apparition concept sideRolls-Royce Apparition concept front top



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