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RT20 Police Control Concept designed by Mathieu Lewis

By luanpa in | July 10, 2010 | Comments Off on RT20 Police Control Concept designed by Mathieu Lewis

The RT20 is a great police petrol concept car, designed by Mathieu Lewis, who is an industrial design graduate from Swinburne University of Technology based in Melbourne, Australia.

The RT20 is an adaptable and reconfigurable vehicle which is designed to be at the highway patroller and the race track. Road safety is an important issue which requires education. Because of this the RT20 has also been developed in Police duty configuration, the RT20 Highway Patroller. While the vehicle would not be used as a conventional police car, police forces could use the RT20 to raise public awareness of track days and advanced driving courses to improve driver skills.

The styling of the RT20 concept was influenced by the design of the KTM X-Bow and Holden Efijy concept, as well as insects which gives the vehicle a low spider-like stance. The body panels would be formed from aluminium sandwich foam core panels and chassis members which help with energy absorbtion in the event of an accident. The peculiar features of the RT20 include the intelligent Key to start the Hydrogen Injected TT V6. The i key will be placed on the dash and will store vital information. If the vehicle meets the accident, key’s LED’s as well as halo ring will flash and an audible warning is emitted to draw emergency service attention.

RT20 concept is powered by a liquid hydrogen fueled twin-turbo V6 enginer. This setup was chosen to provide both the power and the noise driving enthusiasts need, and also the environmentally responsible solutions the modern world requires. In order to keep the hydrogen in a liquid state the RT20 uses a super-insulated fuel tank. The suspension system of the RT20 employs electromagnets instead of conventional springs. The electromagnets are placed at the base and the top of the shock absorber and repel each other, creating a progressive “invisible” spring. The spring rate can be adjusted by the level of charge traveling through the electromagnets.

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