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Scion iQ concept by Toyota

By luanpa in | April 13, 2010 | (6) Comments

Scion unveiled a wild concept at the 2009 New York Auto Show, the name is iQ concept. which is based on the small production hatchback sold in Japan. Scion iQ concept is a new urban vehicle with a revolutionary package, it is just over 10 feet in length and accommodates three plus luggage.

Toyota  already sells the iQ, a tiny urban runabout, in Europe and Japan. The Japan-market production iQ comes with a 93-bhp 1.3-liter inline-4 replete with Toypta’s VVT-i variable valve-timing. No engine tweaks were made, but a custom stainless-steel exhaust system should give this four-banger a few extra bhps, but the car is sure to handle better, thanks to a retuned suspension system, with Tein dampers.

The wheels are 18 inch, the custom wheels on a micro-subcompact vehicle. The wheels are pushed out toward the corners to make it look stable and race-ready. Darkened aero headlights highlight the face while a roof spoiler adds flair to the car’s rear. And like almost every Scion showpiece, this one is bathed in a flamboyant color, which goes from yellow to green depending on how the light hits the body. Inside, there’s a retractable 10-in. LCD screen that houses the entertainment and navigation systems. When not in use, the screen lays flat on the dash with a translucent cover that emits a colorful array of lights. If you want to open the screen, you can do so with a push of the button.

By American standards, the iQ is indeed tiny, but Scion thinks there is an emerging market for small urban cars for young people who increasingly eschew the suburbs where they grew up for hip city centers. At only about ten feet in length, the three-passenger iQ sure would be a snap to park. The iQ concept’s 18-inch wheels are pushed to the corners to give the car an aggressive stance, one that’s emphasized by the deep front air dam, custom lower grille, narrow upper-grille opening, deep side skirts, and bubble flares housing the wheels. A roof spoiler and a thick rear diffuser emphasize the iQ’s trapezoidal rear shape, which is accented by a single, centered rear exhaust.

The iQ concept has earned top safety rankings in Europe. Leading its safety features is an airbag that deploys to cover the rear window, protecting the heads of back-seat passengers in a rear collision.



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6 responses to "Scion iQ concept by Toyota"

  1. Jhay says:

    Great work

  2. Bay Area Toyota says:

    Imho, that car is too small for the U.S market, even in the packed cities like NYC or Los Angeles. Even if we don’t live in the suburbs but in the big city, I still feel like that tiny car would just stand out too much in the city. Can you imagine if you got hit by a SUV in that tiny but cute car?

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  4. the machine says:

    Wow,what a wonderful car!! It is looking like a smiley face…

  5. I think this is a cool looking little car, and I don’t think the size will be bad for big guys. I’ve sat in a yaris which offers a lot of space, I don’t know if this will as well, but I doubt if it will be tiny. Gas will soon be back up to the $4-5 range and people shouldn’t forget what it was like to drive a gas guzzler.

  6. Moore says:

    It looks some what redesigned in relative to its predecessors. The front end being lower made it unique.