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Solar Powered Volkswagen Supercar

By luanpa in | August 15, 2010 | Comments Off on Solar Powered Volkswagen Supercar

The Solar Powered Volkswagen Supercar is designed by Peter Wilkins for 2010 Swansea Metropolitan University Degree Show in automotive design. It is a luxury supercar, it will only be built in a limited number of 200 units. It was designed to be able to cruise around in the year 2020.

The problem with a lot of solar powered vehicles is that they don’t look all that good. That car was hideous and not something anyone would want to ride around in; even if it is better for the environment.

Peter Wilkins believes his vehicle can not only be powered by the sun, but also look good while doing it. His solar powered Volkswagen supercar is an entry in the 2010 Swansea Metropolitan University Degree Show in automotive design. It has integrated photovoltaic cells that are positioned on the upper external surface of the vehicle. These cells harvest solar energy and provide power for the mid-mounted hydrogen fuel cell stack. The four wheels will each be driven by an independent electric motor.

Adding to its eco friendly credentials are integrated photovoltaic cells, positioned on the upper external surface, which harvest solar energy to provide vital juice to mid mounted hydrogen fuel cell stack that apart from providing clean and green ride also add more to driving experience. The best part about his creation is that it looks the part of a supercar. We don’t know anything about the car’s performances, but we do know a little about the design. The supercar borrows design elements from the Volkswagen Scirocco such as the forward pitching nose, side features, and the dominant front grill.

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