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Strand Craft 122 Yacht inside Tender Supercar

By luanpa in | June 7, 2010 | (83) Comments

STRAND CRAFT has launched the extravagant 122, which is a high performance streamlined 38 metre Open super yacht, with an amazing Art Deco interior that can be greatly personalized.

STRAND CRAFT Tender is powered by a twin turbo V12 engine that outputs 880hp and the company claims it can reach a top speed of 375 km/h. This is dangerously close to the Bugatti Veyron. The new STRAND CRAFT yacht features a garage located at the stern of the ship.

If the included STRAND CRAFT Tender supercar did not convince you, the yacht, called the 122, also features an Art Deco interior, four double staterooms, salon areas and crew cabins. All the rooms in the STRAND CRAFT 122 yacht feature 52″ LED TV’s and Bang Olufsen sounds systems.

The most stunning feature on this yacht is a special handcrafted supercar (Tender) powered by a 880hp twin turbo V12 engine with topspeed 375kmh can be housed in as a tender in the stern garage.

Strand Craft 112 frontStrand Craft 112 teder



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