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Subaru Hybrid Tourer concept

By luanpa in | December 18, 2009 | (2) Comments

Subaru Hybrid Tourer concept has debuted at 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. Owner Fuji Heavy Industries says that the concept hints at the future design language for the Subaru brand. Fuji said that Subaru will add its first hybrid vehicle in 2012 as a version of an exiting model in its lineup, reports Automotive News.

The car’s flat floor hides two electric motors, one aft that powers the car in low-speed acceleration and assists with acceleration, The gas/electric car of the future features a pair of oversized gullwing doors and is powered by a hybrid drivetrain that centers around a 2.0 Liter horizontally opposed direct gasoline injection turbocharged engine combined with two auxiliary electric motors.

The gas burning boxer power plant is mated to the automotive arm of Fuji Heavy Industry’s symmetrical all wheel drive system and the automaker’s latest power train invention, a next generation continuously variable transmission that Subaru calls a Lineatronic CVT. The fuel efficient Hybrid Tourer Concept gets the majority of its power from the refined flat four; but the electric motors, making 27 HP up front and 13 HP in the rear, provide an additional boost and make the new Subaru capable of operating round town as a zero emission vehicle.

subaru hybrid tourer concept photos

subaru hybrid tourer concept photos



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  1. Additionally,it features a unique driver assist system called EyeSight that provides the new car with vehicle to vehicle and road to vehicle communication technology.A unique stereoscopic camera that is capable of recognizing a wide variety of driving obstacles with the goal of improving passenger safety.

  2. Gorgeous futuristic car from Subaru; the best part are the doors that go up. Love that!