Genty Akylone Concept

The unknown automaker Genty Automobile, which is a French company, they announced plans for a new supercar Genty Akylone Concept at 2012 Paris Motor Show. The only 15 units will be sold in the future.

Mosler MT900 with 1800HP

Mosler MT900 is designed by Rod Trenne. It is the first car designed in a computer then sent straight into production.

Top Five three-wheeler promo

Today we will introduce five top three wheeler, These are not car, but also are mortor. This may be a station for future car designe.

2012 Spada Codatronca Monza

Spada is famous Italian car designer, now they debut an open top version of their supercar–Spada Codatronca Monza.

2012 Mosler Raptor

This surpercar is 2012 Mosler Raptor, it was buit by Mosler to beat the Pagani Huayra. It weigh in the neighborhood of 2,500 pounds.

edo Competition Koenigsegg CCR

Koenigsegg CCR is powerful Swedish hyper car. Now Edo engineers have modify the drive ratio and install a remapped ECU.

2011 Fisker Karma Review

Fisker Karma is the first car manufactured by Fisker Automotive, and it a a four-door hybrid luxury coupe sports car, we had a article about Fisker Karma, but only a little, now we get more information and pictures.

BAC Mono is single-seat racer car

The BAC Mono is the single central-seat sports car in the world, it is designed by Briggs Automotive Company. So that is a superbly engineered and beautifully built single-seat racer that just happens to be road-legal.

Shayton Equilibrium

We all know the surper car Ferrari,Lamborghini,Bugatti, but Shayton is also a surper car Automobile from Europe, especially since it seems to be extremely hot to trot. Now they released the Shayton Equilibrium, we takes its inspiration from the rushing elements of nature.

Espera Sbarro Evoluzione design concept

This vehicle is the Espera Sbarro Evoluzione on the Geneva floor, it is a concept study by a group of students from the Espera Sbarro design school in France.

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