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Toyota FT-CH Hybrid Concept

By luanpa in | January 14, 2010 | Comments Off on Toyota FT-CH Hybrid Concept

Toyota unveiled the Toyota FT-CH Concept dedicated hybrid at the 2010 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. The Toyota FT-CH is a concept that would address Toyota’s stated strategy to offer a wider variety of conventional hybrid choices to its customers, the teeny lime green plug-in hybrid in model year 2012, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in 2015 in global markets.

Toyota is hoping to appeal to the “8-bit generation.” This group consists of those who grew up playing ’80s video game systems such as Nintendo. The Toyota FT-CH is 22 inches shorter than the Prius, but less than one inch narrower. It’s designed primarily for city driving, and if built will be priced for young buyers. If it sees production, it will be cheaper than the 2010 Prius, which starts at $22,400.

The FT-CH is styled to reflect the target audience’s style and taste. The interior’s components are simple. The odometer and speedometer have been compressed in a small digital display that sits atop the steering wheel column. Jim Lentz, COO, Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc. said that the concepts of its interior design including the electronics and the color palette are fun and stylish. Continued after the jump!

Toyota is displaying the car to see whether there is a potential for this type of vehicle to be sold. Lentz admitted that no engineer has been assigned to the car and that talks of production are still not happening. The vehicle has not been tested with customers and Toyota doesn’t have an engine size in mind for the concept car that could become part of what Toyota has described as the “Prius family.”

Toyota FT-CH Hybrid Concept front view

Toyota FT-CH Hybrid Concept side view

Toyota FT-CH Hybrid Concept rear view



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