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Volkswagen Viseo concept

By luanpa in | May 31, 2010 | Comments Off on Volkswagen Viseo concept

Volkswagen Viseo is a luxury and stylish concept, it is a project by transport design student Marc Kirsch from 2007. The concept is seem to Volkswagen Kai-Nalu concept.

The designer got the main inspiration for this concept from Santiago Calatrava, the futuristic car also features popular shapes used by Calatrava. The Volkswagen Viseo concept is a three seater vehicle. The layout, with two seats up front and one at the rear means that the a narrow, tapering rear section is possible. Making the rear slim has allowed room for the tinted shield to flow over the bodywork and rear wheels without making the overall width of the Viseo greater than a standard car.

This glass shield is covered in an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) film which brings a new form of interactivity between the occupants and their surroundings. Another unique design feature of the Volkswagen Viseo concept was the removable rear luggage compartment. This could be detached and wheeled away just like a suitcase.

With a gigantic screen draped over the body, removable trunk/suitcase and fold-up headlights, Marc Kirsch’s thesis project project is approximately 3,000 times cooler than mine (Transit-Oriented Development in Suburban Markets). Designed in collaboration with the good folks in Wolfsburg, the three-seat electric car is space Scirocco meets Calatrava museum.

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