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World’s Thinnest Car-Tango

By luanpa in | February 22, 2010 | (1) Comment

This is world’s thinnest car, its name is Tango, initially designed and built by Commuter Cars. Tango is an ultra-narrow electric sports car, with 102 inches long and only 39 inches wide.

The world’s thinnest car is powered through battery and because of its light weight, it can provide race car levels of performance: speed up from 0 to 60 in just 4 seconds.

They are currently filling the first 10 orders—seven of them for the $150,000 model, which uses lithium batteries (from A123 Systems), and three for the $108,000 model using lead acid batteries. All future cars are “depending on funding” and pre-orders are fully refundable. By the way, the purchase price is for a “mostly assembled” kit, rather than a finished vehicle.

Tango depends on a sturdy cage like that other small car as for safety. Woodbury says the passenger compartment meets specifications for NASCAR racing. It has four times the side protection of a typical SUV, Also like the Smart, the car’s 8-foot, 5-inch length should allow it to be parked nose first to the curb in a street parking spot. But even when fully charged, the vehicle’s range of 40-100 miles will limit your driving to a fairly modest two-way commute.

World’s Thinnest Car-Tango
World’s Thinnest Car-Tango
World’s Thinnest Car-Tango



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  1. r4i gold karte says:

    Oh wow its really very thin car.I am so surprised that its only 102 inches long and only 39 inches wide.Hey I want to drive this car as I like it very much.Tango sounds a good name.